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October 8, 2010
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DA- Abu Al Khayr by Leyhena DA- Abu Al Khayr by Leyhena
Name : Abu Al Khayr , but you can call him Abby :D
Age : 17
Species : Efrit, a kind of evil djinn
Sexuality : Straight
Abilities : He can make and control fire, but his control is not perfect !

Personality : He's a shy person, but his relationship skills are getting better as he grow up. He look forward making friends but he has weird manners and I makes people run away XD He's a real gentleman with girls tough !

Likes :
Dairies, hot weather, dogs and pretty much all domestic animals, meeting new people. He has a reaaal big thirst of knowledge, and he want to know more about other culture : basically, he very curious!

Bio : Abby was born in a draught and lost desert, well, if born is the word, because he just appeared out of nowhere. The Bedouins nomads who were passing by the abonned village where he came to life found him and he became part of a big and tied family.
Around the age of seven, he began to grow weird abilities : he would burn everything he touched, and hurted himself very often.His parents had to tell him the truth about his birth.
He actually took the fact that he wasn't a human being, but a djinn supposed to be evil pretty well, thanks to the help of the others nomads that knew he was a good person despipe his appearrance.

Another rp app, I really should stop joining, but the headmaster himself asked me to join, I couldn't resist ! XD
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Creativefreak18 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Tahli: *wandering around the school*
XbambooX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
Kate: *looks confused* Mr... erm your shirt sleeves are ripped so how do they stay on your arms?
fightinggriffen Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Student General Artist
His outfit reminds me of some of the outfits on suikoden terikies
Leyhena Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
Really ? I've never played this game tough ...
fightinggriffen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010  Student General Artist
Yeah. I'm sure you havent but look it up. Its kinda fun actually you have all sorts of character designs
Leyhena Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
I love designing characters, it's the funniest part in creation in my opinion :D
fightinggriffen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010  Student General Artist
So true anyway your character looks amazing
Shear-Rohark Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Student Filmographer
Cool~! :la:
He looks awesome~!!
DarkAbdiel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Michi: Hello roommate. Pleased to meet you. :)
Leyhena Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Abby : Ho, hi ! Pleased to meet you too :blush:
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